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Elevation Work By Taran Interiors Lucknow


The First Impression of The Building - The Front Elevation

So, what is front elevation? Drawing a picture by observing the structure from directly above it is called a plan. And doing the same in any other position is called an elevation. Now, you would have got an idea of what front elevation is, if you look at a structure from the front, the view you get is called the front view or the front elevation.

A completed front elevation is how the viewers entering a structure from the front see it. So, in short, the front elevation of any structure or a building is the first impression that any outsider entering it will have of the building.

As it is the first impression of the building, the front elevation of a building should be a design that will give an idea to the people viewing it as to what they will see once they enter the building. That’s exactly the reason why an independent house will have an A-shaped design from the front view, why an apartment building has a block design in the front view or you can take an example of a construction company like L&T, the office building is designed in such a way that the front elevation will show the viewers some good symmetry, some good architectural designs, etc.


How we do it?


Gone are the days when plan and sketch were done by hands. Now we have software with interesting tools to create whatever we want. So, our professionals will carry out this task and design the front elevation by working out on the software with reference to what the outward view of the building should be and it is done in a vertical manner starting from the ground level and working up to the top.


The front elevation is just one part of the work in designing a building. Being the first impression, it becomes an important task of the designers to keep the front elevation as pleasing as it can be. The tougher part of the job is to keep the front elevation matching with the plan made. The pleasing view of the front elevation should not compromise with the interior architecture of the building. 

That is all the more reason why you cannot give this work to any agency and why you should approach a professional who knows the job and also has the experience to give you the right stuff.

The contact details are given on the site. You can reach out to us whenever you want. Give us the details on your requirements and the purpose, our team will come up with the apt design for your needs.

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