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Decorating just one room is not an art. Keeping it together with the right beauty design feeling with the right colour and pattern is the real deal and it is an art in itself. There are many types of designs and colours in the carpet market but now it’s time to choose the right rug for your room. There are countless patterns and ideas to consider, and all add something special and different to your home. So, with the help of this blog, we will suggest you some online carpets patterns you should see before buying.


The flower carpet flooring pattern is the oldest pattern in the living room carpet flooring. It is also known as the traditional floral carpet pattern. Its description and shading look like a flower garden. You can also choose a wallpaper in the pattern of flowers to add symmetry. In bold colours like red, blue, orange, floral design provide a refreshing look for space. For a living room or bedroom a floral pattern rug is the best choice. Most of the floral pattern carpets are  “One of a kind” online carpets, it means that you can never find the same design pattern around the world.


These floral or flower carpets and rugs have a very defined and complex pattern with very small and small formats, which cannot be made more than once. This type of living room carpet flooring gives a royal feeling and homes can look like a palace, while you can enjoy natural elements without heavy detail. Find the rugs in which there are random tree branches, flowers, and birds that are blooming.




We are mainly talking about modern rugs pattern. It actually mixes and fits surprisingly in a contemporary room. These types of rugs are predominantly bright colours and are very simple in design. Such rug designs easily match any colour of the furniture. You can use plain design carpets and rugs for your dining room along with your kitchen. These types of carpets online India are mainly made in wool and hand flakes. Most people are like these rugs. However, we suggest hand-knotted rug. The best idea to decorate your room is to add a plain pattern rug with geometric wall prints. Improve the whole form of your room with lines that look like a sea of waves or lines that look like water or lines along the side of the grass. These carpets offer a wonderful look in your room.



This modern form can be achieved using geometric pattern living room carpet flooring. This carpets are contemporary home decoration setting and  great fit for modern home decor. These types of patterns make for today’s interior design. These carpets have evergreen design pattern. You can match your rug pattern with your wall design pattern or you can add matching wallpaper with your rug. For a geometric pattern rug or living room carpet, you can use it in a living area. Modern rugs and online carpets makers like to cooperate with opposite colours by mixing shades of black, red, green and other colours. These bold designs will look different and assume that your ordinary furniture has not made the room very sluggish or dull. Therefore, there are different design patterns and any house can choose according to inner parts of the decoration.


If you also want like our suggested pattern online carpets and want then you should visit our online store. Because we have the best collection of online carpets you’ll love and all are hand-knotted by expert artisans. We have Persian, Tribal, Floral, Transitional, Modern, Kashmir carpets, etc. at the very affordable price. Also to make your online shopping happy we are also offering free shipping facility in entire India. So, don’t wait and grab your favorite carpets online India to decor home.

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