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Best Interior Designer In Lucknow - Taran Interiors | Gomti Nagar Lucknow

Stainless steel is most commonly found in commercial kitchens, sterile medical facilities, and transportation hubs. It has also found its way into retail, hospitality, and residential interior designs.

Stainless is an extremely flexible material in terms of design options. In addition to the customization and fusing of components, stainless surfaces can be highly polished. So we can get either an elegantly reflective finish or brush the steel for a soft satin finish.  Our standard blasted and pickled finish is also a favorite of designers. There are many ways to incorporate stainless steel sections and shapes into you interior design project. Here are some common applications.

  • Handrails and guard rails

  • Elevator interior rails

  • Interior glass partition framing

  • Floating stair components, including structural support beams & stringers

  • Display shelving

  • Tables and seating

  • Reflective wall and ceiling surfaces

  • Exposed structural framing elements

Taran Interiors - manufacturer and supplier of SS and MS Furniture, SS and MS Tank, Bending Profile In CNC, MS Structural Work, Hotel Interior Work And Fabrication Work.

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